The Middle School Experience

NNPS has eight middle schools which serve students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade:

Middle schoolers also have the option to attend the Virtual Learning Academy at Point Option.

To provide a gradual transition from elementary school, NNPS middle schools operate on a team-within-a-school approach for a smaller, more individualized learning environment that consists of a team of core teachers who work together to teach a group of students. Additionally, the school is divided into sections by grade level and each grade has its own schedule and staff support team.

Students will begin their day in their daily homeroom class. Then they will change classrooms throughout the day on an alternating class schedule.

Students transitioning to middle school will have several opportunities to visit their school, learn their way around the building, understand their schedule and get to know the staff and students.

The NNPS middle-school experience is designed to build and encourage positive relationships that will provide our students with the tools they need to become college, career and citizen-ready.


Middle-school students receive instruction in the four core areas of English, mathematics, science and history/social science, as well as technology, fine arts, living skills, industrial arts, world language, health and physical education. The Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools describe the state’s expectations for student learning and achievement. The standards outline what educators should teach and what students should learn at each grade level. All Newport News middle schools teach students these standards. Read more about middle school academics.

Athletics, Clubs & Other Activities

Recognizing the social nature of middle-school students and capitalizing on their need to move and do, Newport News middle schools offer a variety of enrichment activities that expose students to higher-level thinking, real-world application, and fun. Students may participate in student government, chess clubs, robotics, journalism, photography, debate, Odyssey of the Mind, yoga, e-gaming, sign language and more.

All middle-school students have an opportunity to participate in middle-school athletics. Students may try out to join the track team, volleyball team or the basketball team. The NNPS Middle School Athletics Program is designed to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, motivation and self-discipline. Read more about middle school athletics, clubs and other activities.

Related Arts

Students say that one of their favorite things about middle school is the variety of related-arts classes that are available to them. In addition to physical education, middle-school students may take technology classes, art, drama, band, orchestra, chorus, world language, computer applications, and living skills. Additional class options specific to each middle school are also offered.