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NNPS Futures Facilities Master Plan

Planning for World-Class Educational Facilities

Newport News Public Schools educates 27,000 children in 41 schools: 3 early childhood centers, 24 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 5 high schools, 1 middle/high combination school and a virtual learning academy.

To plan for the future, NNPS embarked on a long-range Facilities Master Plan in the fall of 2021 to identify and prioritize the needs of its public school buildings. The goal was to create, plan and identify the funding needed to ensure that all NNPS students have world-class school facilities.

Cooperative Strategies, a national school facility planning firm, assisted NNPS leaders with the development of the plan, which guides major capital improvements including new construction and renovations to better meet the educational goals and needs of Newport News Public Schools.

The Newport News School Board approved the Long-Range Facility Master Plan on August 16, 2022 after months of planning and involvement from all facets of the community including parents/guardians, staff, students, business and community leaders and city residents.

Capital Improvement & Facilities Master Plan Dashboard

Newport News Public Schools' Capital Improvement and Facilities Master Plan Dashboard increases public visibility for the school division's capital needs and facilities master plan.

The dashboard presents cost and management data for school facilities. It is the one-stop location for capital data for each school: year of construction, total square footage, program capacity and student enrollment. The online tool also identifies major renovation needs, facility conditions, and deferred maintenance costs.

The dashboard tracks the school division's progress on key initiatives identified by the NNPS Facilities Master Plan Steering Committee including safety and security enhancements, the replacement of learning cottages, maintenance projects deferred due to the lack of available funding, and computer lab renovations. The dashboard gives users an in-depth, transparent look at the facility needs through a variety of visualizations, including maps, charts and graphs.

View the Dashboard

School Board Meeting Presentation

Cooperative Strategies provided an overview of the draft Facilities Master Plan during the June 21, 2022, School Board Work Session.

Steering Committee

To help guide the development of the Facilities Master Plan, a steering committee was established. The steering committee meets regularly to help inform the decision-making process. To review the steering committee's presentation and discussion points, click on the appropriate meeting date below:

In addition, two Community Dialogue sessions were held to solicit public input. To review the Community Dialogue Presentations, click on the appropriate meeting date below:

What is a Facilities Master Plan?

A Facilities Master Plan is a strategic plan for directing major capital decisions usually over a 5 to 10 year horizon.

Data considered during this process includes:

  • Facility Conditions (now and near-term)
  • Facility Capacity (programmatic & square feet)
  • Facility Adequacy (how the facility does/does not support desired programs and teaching methods)
  • Enrollments (historic, present, projected)
  • Division strategic plans
  • Community priorities & feedback

Key questions:

  • Are the facilities we operate now, the ones we should continue to operate for the next 5-10+ years?
  • Which facilities are in good enough condition, relative to their replacement value, to maintain and which ones require major renovation or replacement?
  • Do all of our students have equitable access to high-quality learning environments in a warm/cool, safe and dry school and educationally adequate?
  • What is the history of your division and community and how should that inform future facility investments?

What is NNPS going to accomplish?

Through the Facilities Master Planning process, NNPS will align major capital investments over the next 5-10 years with educational program needs, capacities, budgets and our community.


  • New Construction/Rebuilding Our Schools
    • Population growth/decline
  • Major Renovations
    • Systems (roof, HVAC)
    • Whole building
  • Program Investments
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)
    • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
    • Visual and Performing arts
    • Special education
    • Other
  • Efficiency and Efficacy
    • Do we have the right number of schools, at the right sizes, in the right locations, with the right learning environments to sustainably serve all students equitably?

Steering Commitee Meeting at Yates Elementary School
Steering Committee Meeting at Yates Elementary

Community Dialogue at Gildersleeve Middle School
Community Dialogue at Gildersleeve Middle

Steering Commitee Meeting at Warwick High School
Steering Committee Meeting at Warwick High

Steering Commitee Meeting at Menchville High School
Steering Committee Meeting at Menchville High