Current Solicitations

Please read: Doing Business with Newport News Public Schools... A Vendor's Guide to Understanding NNPS Procurement Practices

Formal IFBs and RFPs are posted at and on this website in PDF format. For questions on specific solicitations, please contact (757) 591-4525 and request the Purchasing Officer indicated on the solicitation cover sheet.

Bid Number Commodity Buyer Addenda
IFB #013-0-2018/LC Telecom Building Roof Project L. Cumming Drawings
Addendum 1
IFB #012-0-2018/LC Gatewood PEEP Roof Project L. Cumming Drawings
Addendum 1
IFB #011-0-2018/LC Heritage H.S. HVAC Replacement L. Cumming Attachment A - Bid Response Form
Attachment B - Certification for Contractor's Near Students
Attachment C - Contractors Questionnaire
Asbestos Report
Addendum 1
- Control Drawings - Part I
- Control Drawings - Part II
Addendum 2
- Heritage Table of Contents

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