Awarded Bids

Notices of Award and Intent to Award include all original solicitation documents.

Bid Number Commodity Vendor Date Awarded
21900277 Licenses and Upgrades Hobbs & Associates - Sole Source August 06, 2018
21900093 Professional Services The Block Uncarved - Sole Source July 17, 2018
21900090 Professional Services Helen Crompton - Sole Source July 17, 2018
21900022 Comprehensive Billing of Medicaid Claims Learning Works - Sole Source July 5, 2018
RFP #010-0-2018/DSD Notice of Intent to Award: Wellness Program Management Services Optum Health July 3, 2018
21801875 ID Card Replacement Onsite Services Plastic Card Systems Inc.-Emergency Purchase June 21, 2018
21801822 Extended Learning PD Kids Kan Inc. - Sole Source June 21, 2018
21801794 Rauland PA and Clock Update Ambassador Enterprises Inc. - Sole Source June 18, 2018
IFP #007-0-2018/BH Notice of Award: Door Replacement & Repair Services Door Engineering Corp. March 8, 2018
21801628 HVAC Services Air Mechanical, Inc., - Sole Source May 21, 2018
RFP #008-0-2018/LC Notice of Intent to Award: PDMS Software Solution Frontline Education May 29, 2018
RFP 011-0-2018/DSD Audit Services for School Activity Funds Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates May 2, 2018
21801439 Consultant Services Parrish & Associates - Sole Source April 10, 2018
21801390 Wind Tunnel Labor Vigyann Inc. Sole Source March 29, 2018
21801362 Financial Literacy Certification Testing Working in Support of Education (WISE) Sole Source March 21, 2018
21801289 Vans Van's Aircraft Inc. Sole Source March 7, 2018
21801230 On-Line Writing Program NOREDINK Corp February 27, 2018
IFB #005-0-2018/HM
- Bid Tab
Notice of Award: Assorted Classroom Titles Southeastern Educational Toy and Book Distributors, Inc. December 20, 2017
IFB #004-0-2018/BH Notice of Award: Towing Services Cousins Towing & Recovery November 7, 2017
IFB #002-0-2018/BH Notice of Award: Awards, Plaques & Letters Neff Motivation, Inc. October 24, 2017
IFB #001-0-2018/BH Notice of Award: Pottery Clay & Accessories School Specialty, Inc. October 30, 2017
RFP #015-0-2017/TRD-H Notice of Intent to Award: Cell Phone Service Verizon May 3, 2017
21800468 PLTW Digital Electronics Project Lead the Way Inc. Sole Source September 19, 2017
21800467 IXL Site License IXL Learning Inc. Sole Source September 19, 2017
RFP #037-0-2017/TRDH Notice of Award: Security Cameras Mid Atlantic Technology Services September 12, 2017
RFP #023-0-2017/HM Notice of Intent to Award: Digital Maps for NNPS Nystrom Education June 13, 2017
RFP #016-0-2017/LC Notice of Intent to Award: Bulk Fuel Services James River Solutions July 6, 2017
IFB #035-0-2017/BH Notice of Award: New and Retread Bus & Vehicle Tires Primary: GCR Tires & Service
Secondary: Colony Tire Corporation
June 9, 2017
IFB #036-0-2017/BH Notice of Award: Locker Maintenance, Repair and Installation Services Steiner B Moore Corp June 8, 2017
IFB #030-0-2017/BH Notice of Award: Twenty-One Speed Mountain Bicycles Freewheel Bicycle Shop June 5, 2017
IFB #029-0-2017/BH Notice of Award: Refrigeration Truck with Cooling/Freezing Capable Unit Battlefield Ford June 2, 2017
21701796 Apogee Server and Graphics Upgrade Siemens Industry Inc June 6, 2017
URFP #027-0-2017/LC Notice of Intent to Award: Biometric Screening Services Total Wellness June 2, 2017
RFP #025-0-2017/LC Multi-Agency Joint Solicitation for JOC Services Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc. May 26, 2017
IFB #034-0-2017/LC Notice of Award: Casework Commercial Custom Cabinet, Inc. May 25, 2017
21701613 Sports and Entertainment Cengage Learning Sole Source April 12, 2017
21701584 Math Reads K-5 Program Kit Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company Sole Source April 10, 2017
RFP #028-0-2017/DSD Notice of Intent to Award: Commodity: Third Party Claims Administration and Related Services PMA Management Corp. May 1, 2017
RFP #022-0-2017/LC Notice of Intent to Award: A & E Services Grimm + Parker April 17, 2017
RFP #021-0-2017/HM World Atlases for NNPS No Award March 22, 2017
21701242 On-Site School Success Study The Big Picture Company, Inc. Sole Source February 14, 2017
IFB #018-0-2017/BH Notice of Intent to Award: Paint & Paint Products The Sherwin Williams Company January 25, 2017

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